Hello! Welcome to the blog for Vestlax Mellangård! Here, I write about what's going on in farm-life and local happenings. Enjoy :)

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Working in Marielund


Kasper and I are spending today in Marielund. We were here on Wednesday as well and will likely spend a few more days here next week. Kasper is working in the forest with the chainsaw cutting up wind-fallen trees from a winter storm.     While he spends the day outside, I have been inside Read More

Tour Skating Season Open!


  We were finally able to get out on to the ice this weekend to do some tour skating (Retkiluistelu/ Långfärdsskrinning). Kasper and I went out on Sunday with Rabbe, Einar, Matias and even Tilda joined us. The conditions were ideal since the ice was fairly fresh as the sea has only started freezing during Read More

Lilla Jul


We celebrated Lilla Jul over the weekend in Marielund . We invited the whole Vestlax Mellangård gang & co.; Rabbe, Hannele, Matias, Ida, Einar and Ninni in addition to Kasper and myself. Having 8 of us in the cottage is technically 2 more than we normally allow but since we only spent the evening there Read More

Mörbygårds Winter-fest


Mörby gård in Ekenäs hosted a Winter-fest on Sunday. There was sledding, tractor riding, and some soup and sausages to eat. Below is a picture of some happy cows at Mörbygård.  

Skiing- a sport for everyone


  We took advantage of good snow and weather conditions over the weekend to do some skiing. Kasper made skiing tracks starting from Vestlax Mellangård and taking us to Labböle and back. It was a nice route with quite a lot of variation in the scenery covering about 10km for the entire trip.     Read More

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