Hello! Welcome to the blog for Vestlax Mellangård! Here, I write about what's going on in farm-life and local happenings. Enjoy :)

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300 years at Vestlax Mellangård


Last week we celebrated the 300th jubilee of Vestlax Mellangård to commemorate 300 years of farming in the same place past down from one generation to the next.  We celebrated over two days to also acknowledge that Kasper took over the farm in 2014 as well as a major birthday for Rabbe and important life Read More

A 24 hour vacation in Bengtskär


Kasper and I went on a mini-vacation to Bengtskär this weekend.   We left on Friday morning taking the cruise boat which leaves from Kasnäs and makes a stop at the Rosala Viking centre. At Rosala we learned about Viking history and ate delicious fish soup. The dining hall is meant to reenact a Viking-dining Read More

Tomatoes from Dalsbruk


Every sunny Wednesday I get the urge to make a short trip to the market-square in Dalsbruk on the south-side of Kimito island.     Dalsbruk is a very small town that was historically known for its iron-industry. More recently, the town has become known as the place where FN steel went bankrupt in 2012.  Read More

Some observations on orgnising events on the countryside: The turnout problem


I’ll start off by saying that I think it’s great that there are a lot of energetic people organizing events and happenings in rural areas. This is something that at first actually surprised me when I moved to the countryside; there are actually interesting things that are happening here. Art exhibitions, conferences, festivals and pop-up Read More

Raspberry picking


Towards the end of July there is usually wild berries and mushrooms in the forest that are just dying to be picked. You generally find blueberries easily but since its been such a dry summer, they are  scarce this year. It’s funny how nature works though because the raspberries seem to be loving this long Read More

All that grows must be pruned


We have three chestnut trees on Mellangård; two on either side of the driveway in front of the main house, and one off to the side in front of the small cottage where we live. Chestnuts can live to be very old but need to be regularly pruned and checked for fungus every so often. Read More

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