Hello! Welcome to the blog for Vestlax Mellangård! Here, I write about what's going on in farm-life and local happenings. Enjoy :)

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Is it summer already? An update from Spring.


Hello Friends.I am sorry that it has been so long since I have last written a blog update. In the lives of farmers, the spring is the busiest and most exciting time of the year. I do recommend though if you are interested in more regular updates to take a look at our Facebook page Read More

Easter long-weekend


Easter long-weekend has come to an end. For us, it was warm and relaxing. So warm that Kimitoön was named the warmest place in Finland on Monday getting up to over 20 degrees in some parts.     We left our doors and windows open for the first time this year to let the warm Read More

Welcome April and Hello Spring!


March was a busy month. Kasper and I got married on the 15th which means the beginning of the month was busy with getting the final details for our wedding ready and at the end of the month we were enjoying a bit of a holiday.       Because of all of the busyness Read More

Catch of the day


Today’s catch, Perch! We set 5 nets out last night and brought home about 20 fish this morning. We will be using these to test out our new fish smoker, I’m sure it will be delicious!  

Introducing the Fish Smoker


Kasper and Rabbe built a fish smoker early this spring. They set it up near the Marielund cottages by the dock. All of our cottage guests are welcome to use it, especially those who have gone fishing.