Hello! Welcome to the blog for Vestlax Mellangård! Here, I write about what's going on in farm-life and local happenings. Enjoy :)

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Pictures of Autumn


Hello friends. We have not been especially good at keeping this blog up-to-date as of late with stories from Vestlax Mellangård.   Sorry. It has been though an absolutely beautiful Autumn. The weather has grown gradually cooler as it should, and we have been grateful for so many sunny days. We have spent a lot Read More

Enjoy a Fishing weekend in Marielund


  Hello friends and cottage guests! It’s that time of year again where the waters are best for fishing.   At our Marielund cottages we have put together a package for fishermen and women – 2 nights in one of our Marielund cottages , a rental boat with 50hp engine and linens and towels for Read More

A weekend in the forest


  Fall is the best time to spend in the forest. It’s quiet and the cooler air feels crisp when you inhale. Nature’s colours are also at their most beautiful now; deciduous trees like birch and maple stand proudly with their new fall-jackets of gold and red while coniferous trees like pine boast a deep-green. The Read More

Making apple jam


We got quite a lot of apples this year from our apple trees. Since there are only so many pies and cakes to make, I thought it was about time to preserve some for the winter by making apple jam.     For people who are new to making jam, apple jam is a good Read More

Taking up the poatoes


  On Saturday while the others were doing their crafting, I spent the day hunched over our vegetable garden picking up the rest of the potatoes from the ground. We planted the potatoes last May , ate them throughout the summer, and now since the growing season is over thought that it was a good Read More

Saturday crafting


We spent the day on Saturday doing some crafting, or at least, setting it up. Rabbe’s sister Lolan came for a visit to show us how to set up the old loom since she has recently taken a class and learned the right techniques. A loom is simply a machine that is used for weaving Read More

Clearing the trees away


  Last week we made  a visit to Uppgård to mark the trees that can be removed and start taking them down. There were a lot of trees close to the house which gave it the feeling of being in the middle of the bushes. Some 500 trees were taken down for the forest industry Read More

Picking the last of the apples


  It is a bit of a bittersweet feeling when it is time to pick the last of the apples from the trees. We have a few apple trees around the house; just enough for ourselves to eat, make jam with or give away to friends. The beginning of the apple season feels so nice Read More

A Creative Weekend in Högsåra


Over the weekend, I was invited to participate in a weekend-long seminar for Kreativa Kvinnor  (creative women) in Högsåra.     The project is meant to support female entrepreneurs in creative industries.     We went for a visit to Farmors Kafe and ate delicious cake.     Being able to maintain a clear mind seemed Read More

Our new (old) torp.


We bought Uppgård in Labböle; a new (but actually very old) torp with some forests and fields.     Structurally, the house is in very good condition although it needs a bit of a facelift. We’re planning on cutting down some trees that have taken over the house and giving a fresh coat of paint Read More