2015 – A New Year! Looking back at our biggest (and best) moments from 2014.


Hello Friends!


We are already two weeks into 2015 which means you have likely already started struggling to keep on track of your New Years resolutions – right?


If that is the case, not to worry – we do not really do New Years resolutions around here anyway.


Something we have done around the New Year and over our relaxing Christmas Break is think back to the eventful year we had in 2014. Two thousand and fourteen was the year that Kasper officially took over the farm here on Vestlax Mellangård, in March we got married, during the summer we celebrated the farm’s 300th birthday, and throughout the fall we have been working on renovations to our house. It is almost exhausting to me just thinking about everything we had going on throughout 2014, but overall it was a year of great fun and a lot of learning.


Here is a list of our top 10 moments of 2014 in pictures! The pictures were chosen from our facebook page based on how many likes they got from our friends and followers.


10. Tilda going for a boat ride



Date: April 20

Likes: 35



9. Tour skating in January



Date: January 21

Likes: 37



8. Our ducklings when they first started to swim



Date: July 2

Likes: 38



7. A shot of our empty living room when we moved out all of our furniture to prepare for some renovations



Date: July 31

Likes : 38



6. A shot of our ducks when they were full grown – they grew up so fast!



Date: October 11

Likes: 39



5.  Our pigs enjoying the sunshine



Date: July 2

Likes: 42



4. A happy picture of Rabbe and Hannele taken from Mellangård’s 300 year party. You can find some more pictures from the celebration here

listening to comedy


Date: July 7

Likes: 58



3. Our Christmas post celebrating all of the beautiful snow that we had



Date: December 23

Likes:  65



2. A group picture taken in the summer of 2011 with friends and family on the farm. We posted the picture this year to celebrate Kasper having taken over the farm as of January 1, 2014.



Date: January 7

Likes: 77



1. A beautiful black and white photo from our wedding ceremony in Kimito Kyrka this past March. The photo was taken by our photographer Karin Lindroos.



Date: March 20

Likes: 79



Thank you for being with us through such a fun and eventful year!


Greetings from Vestlax Mellangård.