Pictures of Autumn


Hello friends. We have not been especially good at keeping this blog up-to-date as of late with stories from Vestlax Mellangård.


Sorry. It has been though an absolutely beautiful Autumn. The weather has grown gradually cooler as it should, and we have been grateful for so many sunny days. We have spent a lot of time in the forest both hunting and gathering which are both such beautiful ways to interact with nature.


We have also been busy. Very busy. Renovating, planning, and trying to figure out creative ways to use up all of the apples from our trees. It has been stressful, but the positive kind of stressful which kicks you out of bed every morning and keeps you excited for the day to come when going to sleep at night.


Before we get ourselves ready for our winter-sleep, I thought I could share a few pictures with you from our Autumn here on Vestlax Mellangård, I hope you enjoy!



Beets from the garden



We have said goodbye to our summer-friends who have gone back to their farm at Sjölax.



Mushrooms from the forest.



A shot from ”Bredviks Gruven” (a mine) -a very beautiful place which happens to be along a nice running route.



Lingonberry from the forest



Our ducks are still with us.



We have done some cleanup to the garden at Upgård.



We have started to clean up the inside as well to organise all of the stuff that was left behind. In this one Kasper is taking a closer look at the condition of the floor while practicing a new look for the camera :)



We had an official flag-rasing ceremony to celebrate Einar and Ninni’s new home together.



Some time spent relaxing… although still always thinking about farming :)