300 years at Vestlax Mellangård


Last week we celebrated the 300th jubilee of Vestlax Mellangård to commemorate 300 years of farming in the same place past down from one generation to the next.  We celebrated over two days to also acknowledge that Kasper took over the farm in 2014 as well as a major birthday for Rabbe and important life events for both of Kasper’s brothers.


listening to comedy


On Thursday we honoured the history of the farm over coffee and cake in the garden and a talk by one of Kasper’s great-uncles who is the oldest living person to have grown up on Mellangård. On that day I also wore the traditional folk costume from Kimito; a beautifully coloured costume that managed to keep me feeling cool despite the warm weather and its many layers.




The second day of celebrating was on Saturday. The party started in the garden with some music and outdoor comedy and later we moved into the barn for dinner and dancing. It was fun to see the barn clean and decorated with birch trees, hay balls, tractors and old machinery which is quite different from how it looks normally. Our guests seemed to really like the space too since they spent most of the evening letting loose on the dance floor.



Thank you to all of our friends, family and neighbours who came out to celebrate this important milestone on Vestlax Mellangård.