Icelandic Horseback riding at Gropa Stall!


Hello friends and cottage guests!


I am happy to announce that we have partnered with our friends at Gropa Stall to offer horseback riding lessons and tours for our cottage guests.




Gropa Stall is in the village of Pederså on Kimitoön, about 13km away from Kimito centre. It is a family run business driven by the enthusiasm and passion for horses of our friend Johanna.




We started working on this project together last summer when a family staying in one of our Marielund cottages from the UK expressed that they would want to go horseback riding during their stay on Kimitoön but had a hard time knowing where to go. I suggested that they go to Gropa Stall which they did, and Johanna organised a fun program for them on her Icelandic horses in a beautiful natural terrain. When they left they told us that of all that they did during their stay on Kimitoön, going to Gropa Stall was the highlight of their trip.


After their visit we started brainstorming together on how we could bring the unique experience that Gropa Stall has to offer closer to our cottage guests. Being on horseback you can experience the beautiful terrain of Kimitoön in a way that is not possible by foot or by car. Johanna then came up with different packages for riders which cater both to those who want a longer tour and those who simply want to get familiar with Icelandic horses with a shorter lesson.




I had the chance to visit Johanna during one of her lessons which was really a pleasure to watch. It was amazing how in only one hour her students improved their confidence on horseback. Although I am not an experienced rider, that moment where her students went from being unsure of themselves to confident was very apparent both in their behaviour and the behaviour of the horses themselves. All of a sudden the riders were sitting much more relaxed and the horses trotting at an even pace.


It has been a pleasure to work with Johanna on this project so that we could offer this unique experience to our cottage guests. More information about the different tours and lessons that are offered you can find here in English, Finnish and Swedish. You can also book your tour or lesson on our booking page while making your cottage reservation or you can be in contact with us.


Happy riding!