Is it summer already? An update from Spring.


Hello Friends.I am sorry that it has been so long since I have last written a blog update. In the lives of farmers, the spring is the busiest and most exciting time of the year. I do recommend though if you are interested in more regular updates to take a look at our Facebook page which I have managed to keep fairly up to date with what is going on here at Vestlax Mellangård.


To give a bit of a quick update, sowing season has come and gone and now our fields are a nice healthy green. Farming season started earlier this year than is usual since the winter was short and warmer temperatures came quickly. Since this is Kasper’s first year as a real farmer, I have to say, he has been very lucky with the weather. Sowing went without problems or stress since conditions were ideal. Following seeding, there were a few days of rain and then sunshine which was great to get the seedlings to start growing. The sunshine and warm weather has more or less continued, and now we can only hope for a bit more rain to come soon so that our crops can continue to grow well.


We have also welcomed new pigs and cows to Vestlax this spring.



In terms of our cottages and our spring guests, it has been fairly busy. The warm weather brought fishermen and families out to spend weekends in Marielund and the summer looks rather promising with only a few availabilities left. We are mostly done with our spring cleaning and a few of the cottages’ terraces have been replaced with new wood.


We have had some work as well this spring renovating small torps. The torps of this kind are beautiful in a way that is appreciated in Finland which means simple and authentic without too much luxury. Most recently we have been working on Kärris replacing out old wood for new and building up a better foundation to keep the house off the ground. It seems like for the next few years at least we will have similar sorts of projects always ongoing. It is likely that we will never actually be finished since new projects will surely arise.


Around the house we have the flowers in bloom and much of our vegetable garden planted. So far we have already been able to enjoy the delicious salad, green onion, radishes and spinach that I pick fresh every time I want to use them. It looks like our potatoes will be the next vegetables whose harvest we can start soon.




I am never one who will easily admit to being stressed and I am not about to make an exception here. However, there have been times this spring that the length of tasks on our to-do-list has provoked that feeling of intensity we all get sometimes, a feeling that can be best likened to having someone constantly chasing after you with a knife. That being said, we have still tried to enjoy these first few months as newlyweds with some coffee breaks and meals eaten outdoors, some paddling and even a quick boating trip to Dalsbruk a couple of weeks ago.


Coming up next on our to-do list is finding ducks for our pond and launching a new collaborative project with our friends at Gropa Stall and their Icelandic horses – both very fun things to look forward to!