Easter long-weekend


Easter long-weekend has come to an end. For us, it was warm and relaxing. So warm that Kimitoön was named the warmest place in Finland on Monday getting up to over 20 degrees in some parts.




We left our doors and windows open for the first time this year to let the warm air in and circulate throughout the house and get rid of that closed-up feeling that the winter months leave behind. The winter also leaves behind a closet full of jackets and boots that we have now cleaned up and put into storage boxes, replacing them with a brightly coloured (and less bulk) wardrobe for the months ahead.




It is at this time of year that we start to remember the sense of freedom that springtime brings when the line between our indoors and outdoors becomes less strictly defined. We brought some of the outdoors in this weekend with freshly cut wildflowers cut from the garden and are hoping to soon take out the seedlings of corn and pumpkin that we have growing in our front entrance.




To celebrate eater this weekend Hannele and I went to the Easter market in Dalsbruk on Saturday morning, and on Sunday with Rabbe and Tilda as well we went out to the beautiful Finnharun island to enjoy the sounds of the seabirds and the warmth of the sunshine.



Kasper did not join us on our adventures since his daily schedule gets quickly full at this time of year with taking care of the new piglets in the pig house and preparing the fields for seeding. Although he didn’t do much relaxing per se, he does describe rather fondly how wonderful it is to drive around on the fields in a tractor on a beautiful sunny day.