Welcome April and Hello Spring!


March was a busy month. Kasper and I got married on the 15th which means the beginning of the month was busy with getting the final details for our wedding ready and at the end of the month we were enjoying a bit of a holiday.





Because of all of the busyness and excitement, March really flew by fast. Now that we are back in our little village of Vestlax, it is lovely to see that spring is really here to stay. The nature is starting to look greener and our tulips are already emerging from the ground.



Since it seems that we will enjoy a long and beautiful Spring, this really the best time for fishermen to come for a visit to the cottages; much of our weekends in May have already filled up!


Its exciting to think of all of the fun spring projects we have planned now that the sun is out and energizing us all again. On our to-do list for the season we have gardening, hopefully getting our hands on some ducks, and of course preparing and seeding the fields for the start of our farming season.
To speak a bit more about our wedding, it was beautiful. We were surprisingly calm and had the chance to really enjoy our time spent with close friends and family. In Kimitoön, we celebrated our wedding at Westers and were lucky enough to have the talented Karin Lindroos behind the camera capturing every moment of the day*.




It was a lovely day and now a lovely start to spring!


*All of the pictures in this post were taken by Karin Lindroos, you can find more of her work here.