Working in Marielund


Kasper and I are spending today in Marielund. We were here on Wednesday as well and will likely spend a few more days here next week. Kasper is working in the forest with the chainsaw cutting up wind-fallen trees from a winter storm.




While he spends the day outside, I have been inside preparing the cottages for a group of special guests we will be hosting in a couple of weeks. Every few hours Kasper comes in for some coffee or lunch and we catch up on stories we have encountered or thoughts which have passed through our heads while doing our work. On Wednesday Kasper described how relaxing it is to cut through the fallen trees, a job that requires so much focus that the mind does not have the chance to drift onto any other thought or concern besides the task that is at hand. This morning while doing the same task he described his work less positively, focusing instead on his frustration and how slowly he feels his work is progressing. Keeping in mind what he had described earlier in the week I quietly smiled to myself at how funny the human condition is that we can have such different experiences while doing the same task depending on the day and our mood.


The weather today is warm, grey and humid which gives the feeling that we are in those moments right before it will start to rain. The nature is quiet and inviting for a peaceful afternoon walk through the forest.


Soon we will have lunch.