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2015 – A New Year! Looking back at our biggest (and best) moments from 2014.


Hello Friends!


We are already two weeks into 2015 which means you have likely already started struggling to keep on track of your New Years resolutions – right?


If that is the case, not to worry – we do not really do New Years resolutions around here anyway.


Something we have done around the New Year and over our relaxing Christmas Break is think back to the eventful year we had in 2014. Two thousand and fourteen was the year that Kasper officially took over the farm here on Vestlax Mellangård, in March we got married, during the summer we celebrated the farm’s 300th birthday, and throughout the fall we have been working on renovations to our house. It is almost exhausting to me just thinking about everything we had going on throughout 2014, but overall it was a year of great fun and a lot of learning.


Here is a list of our top 10 moments of 2014 in pictures! The pictures were chosen from our facebook page based on how many likes they got from our friends and followers.


10. Tilda going for a boat ride



Date: April 20

Likes: 35



9. Tour skating in January



Date: January 21

Likes: 37



8. Our ducklings when they first started to swim



Date: July 2

Likes: 38



7. A shot of our empty living room when we moved out all of our furniture to prepare for some renovations



Date: July 31

Likes : 38



6. A shot of our ducks when they were full grown – they grew up so fast!



Date: October 11

Likes: 39



5.  Our pigs enjoying the sunshine



Date: July 2

Likes: 42



4. A happy picture of Rabbe and Hannele taken from Mellangård’s 300 year party. You can find some more pictures from the celebration here

listening to comedy


Date: July 7

Likes: 58



3. Our Christmas post celebrating all of the beautiful snow that we had



Date: December 23

Likes:  65



2. A group picture taken in the summer of 2011 with friends and family on the farm. We posted the picture this year to celebrate Kasper having taken over the farm as of January 1, 2014.



Date: January 7

Likes: 77



1. A beautiful black and white photo from our wedding ceremony in Kimito Kyrka this past March. The photo was taken by our photographer Karin Lindroos.



Date: March 20

Likes: 79



Thank you for being with us through such a fun and eventful year!


Greetings from Vestlax Mellangård.

Pictures of Autumn


Hello friends. We have not been especially good at keeping this blog up-to-date as of late with stories from Vestlax Mellangård.


Sorry. It has been though an absolutely beautiful Autumn. The weather has grown gradually cooler as it should, and we have been grateful for so many sunny days. We have spent a lot of time in the forest both hunting and gathering which are both such beautiful ways to interact with nature.


We have also been busy. Very busy. Renovating, planning, and trying to figure out creative ways to use up all of the apples from our trees. It has been stressful, but the positive kind of stressful which kicks you out of bed every morning and keeps you excited for the day to come when going to sleep at night.


Before we get ourselves ready for our winter-sleep, I thought I could share a few pictures with you from our Autumn here on Vestlax Mellangård, I hope you enjoy!



Beets from the garden



We have said goodbye to our summer-friends who have gone back to their farm at Sjölax.



Mushrooms from the forest.



A shot from ”Bredviks Gruven” (a mine) -a very beautiful place which happens to be along a nice running route.



Lingonberry from the forest



Our ducks are still with us.



We have done some cleanup to the garden at Upgård.



We have started to clean up the inside as well to organise all of the stuff that was left behind. In this one Kasper is taking a closer look at the condition of the floor while practicing a new look for the camera :)



We had an official flag-rasing ceremony to celebrate Einar and Ninni’s new home together.



Some time spent relaxing… although still always thinking about farming :)

Enjoy a Fishing weekend in Marielund




Hello friends and cottage guests! It’s that time of year again where the waters are best for fishing.


At our Marielund cottages we have put together a package for fishermen and women – 2 nights in one of our Marielund cottages , a rental boat with 50hp engine and linens and towels for 499€. The cottages are just 100 meters from the Baltic sea with a beach and dock.


There is also the option of reserving your fishing licenses with us and be in contact if you would like to organise a fishing guide who can take you to all the best spots.


For more information and making a reservation, take a look at our webpage in Finnish and English.

300 years at Vestlax Mellangård


Last week we celebrated the 300th jubilee of Vestlax Mellangård to commemorate 300 years of farming in the same place past down from one generation to the next.  We celebrated over two days to also acknowledge that Kasper took over the farm in 2014 as well as a major birthday for Rabbe and important life events for both of Kasper’s brothers.


listening to comedy


On Thursday we honoured the history of the farm over coffee and cake in the garden and a talk by one of Kasper’s great-uncles who is the oldest living person to have grown up on Mellangård. On that day I also wore the traditional folk costume from Kimito; a beautifully coloured costume that managed to keep me feeling cool despite the warm weather and its many layers.




The second day of celebrating was on Saturday. The party started in the garden with some music and outdoor comedy and later we moved into the barn for dinner and dancing. It was fun to see the barn clean and decorated with birch trees, hay balls, tractors and old machinery which is quite different from how it looks normally. Our guests seemed to really like the space too since they spent most of the evening letting loose on the dance floor.



Thank you to all of our friends, family and neighbours who came out to celebrate this important milestone on Vestlax Mellangård.

Icelandic Horseback riding at Gropa Stall!


Hello friends and cottage guests!


I am happy to announce that we have partnered with our friends at Gropa Stall to offer horseback riding lessons and tours for our cottage guests.




Gropa Stall is in the village of Pederså on Kimitoön, about 13km away from Kimito centre. It is a family run business driven by the enthusiasm and passion for horses of our friend Johanna.




We started working on this project together last summer when a family staying in one of our Marielund cottages from the UK expressed that they would want to go horseback riding during their stay on Kimitoön but had a hard time knowing where to go. I suggested that they go to Gropa Stall which they did, and Johanna organised a fun program for them on her Icelandic horses in a beautiful natural terrain. When they left they told us that of all that they did during their stay on Kimitoön, going to Gropa Stall was the highlight of their trip.


After their visit we started brainstorming together on how we could bring the unique experience that Gropa Stall has to offer closer to our cottage guests. Being on horseback you can experience the beautiful terrain of Kimitoön in a way that is not possible by foot or by car. Johanna then came up with different packages for riders which cater both to those who want a longer tour and those who simply want to get familiar with Icelandic horses with a shorter lesson.




I had the chance to visit Johanna during one of her lessons which was really a pleasure to watch. It was amazing how in only one hour her students improved their confidence on horseback. Although I am not an experienced rider, that moment where her students went from being unsure of themselves to confident was very apparent both in their behaviour and the behaviour of the horses themselves. All of a sudden the riders were sitting much more relaxed and the horses trotting at an even pace.


It has been a pleasure to work with Johanna on this project so that we could offer this unique experience to our cottage guests. More information about the different tours and lessons that are offered you can find here in English, Finnish and Swedish. You can also book your tour or lesson on our booking page while making your cottage reservation or you can be in contact with us.


Happy riding!


A 24 hour vacation in Bengtskär


Kasper and I went on a mini-vacation to Bengtskär this weekend.


We left on Friday morning taking the cruise boat which leaves from Kasnäs and makes a stop at the Rosala Viking centre. At Rosala we learned about Viking history and ate delicious fish soup. The dining hall is meant to reenact a Viking-dining experience. We ate with dim candlelight at wooden tables with benches that turn into beds in case guests want to take a nap instead of leaving a good party (which we were told by one of the staff was typical of Viking parties).




After taking a tour around the museum, the boat took us to Bengtskär. Bengtskär is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this part of Finland. The lighthouse which was first built in 1906 was renovated in the 1990s and first opened for visitors in 1995. We stayed overnight, ate delicious food, read books and took long naps. Hearing only the peaceful sounds of the sea crashing up against the rocks is a very relaxing experience.




We came back on Saturday feeling very well rested. It was fun to feel like a tourist without being very far from home.

Is it summer already? An update from Spring.


Hello Friends.I am sorry that it has been so long since I have last written a blog update. In the lives of farmers, the spring is the busiest and most exciting time of the year. I do recommend though if you are interested in more regular updates to take a look at our Facebook page which I have managed to keep fairly up to date with what is going on here at Vestlax Mellangård.


To give a bit of a quick update, sowing season has come and gone and now our fields are a nice healthy green. Farming season started earlier this year than is usual since the winter was short and warmer temperatures came quickly. Since this is Kasper’s first year as a real farmer, I have to say, he has been very lucky with the weather. Sowing went without problems or stress since conditions were ideal. Following seeding, there were a few days of rain and then sunshine which was great to get the seedlings to start growing. The sunshine and warm weather has more or less continued, and now we can only hope for a bit more rain to come soon so that our crops can continue to grow well.


We have also welcomed new pigs and cows to Vestlax this spring.



In terms of our cottages and our spring guests, it has been fairly busy. The warm weather brought fishermen and families out to spend weekends in Marielund and the summer looks rather promising with only a few availabilities left. We are mostly done with our spring cleaning and a few of the cottages’ terraces have been replaced with new wood.


We have had some work as well this spring renovating small torps. The torps of this kind are beautiful in a way that is appreciated in Finland which means simple and authentic without too much luxury. Most recently we have been working on Kärris replacing out old wood for new and building up a better foundation to keep the house off the ground. It seems like for the next few years at least we will have similar sorts of projects always ongoing. It is likely that we will never actually be finished since new projects will surely arise.


Around the house we have the flowers in bloom and much of our vegetable garden planted. So far we have already been able to enjoy the delicious salad, green onion, radishes and spinach that I pick fresh every time I want to use them. It looks like our potatoes will be the next vegetables whose harvest we can start soon.




I am never one who will easily admit to being stressed and I am not about to make an exception here. However, there have been times this spring that the length of tasks on our to-do-list has provoked that feeling of intensity we all get sometimes, a feeling that can be best likened to having someone constantly chasing after you with a knife. That being said, we have still tried to enjoy these first few months as newlyweds with some coffee breaks and meals eaten outdoors, some paddling and even a quick boating trip to Dalsbruk a couple of weeks ago.


Coming up next on our to-do list is finding ducks for our pond and launching a new collaborative project with our friends at Gropa Stall and their Icelandic horses – both very fun things to look forward to!

Easter long-weekend


Easter long-weekend has come to an end. For us, it was warm and relaxing. So warm that Kimitoön was named the warmest place in Finland on Monday getting up to over 20 degrees in some parts.




We left our doors and windows open for the first time this year to let the warm air in and circulate throughout the house and get rid of that closed-up feeling that the winter months leave behind. The winter also leaves behind a closet full of jackets and boots that we have now cleaned up and put into storage boxes, replacing them with a brightly coloured (and less bulk) wardrobe for the months ahead.




It is at this time of year that we start to remember the sense of freedom that springtime brings when the line between our indoors and outdoors becomes less strictly defined. We brought some of the outdoors in this weekend with freshly cut wildflowers cut from the garden and are hoping to soon take out the seedlings of corn and pumpkin that we have growing in our front entrance.




To celebrate eater this weekend Hannele and I went to the Easter market in Dalsbruk on Saturday morning, and on Sunday with Rabbe and Tilda as well we went out to the beautiful Finnharun island to enjoy the sounds of the seabirds and the warmth of the sunshine.



Kasper did not join us on our adventures since his daily schedule gets quickly full at this time of year with taking care of the new piglets in the pig house and preparing the fields for seeding. Although he didn’t do much relaxing per se, he does describe rather fondly how wonderful it is to drive around on the fields in a tractor on a beautiful sunny day.

Welcome April and Hello Spring!


March was a busy month. Kasper and I got married on the 15th which means the beginning of the month was busy with getting the final details for our wedding ready and at the end of the month we were enjoying a bit of a holiday.





Because of all of the busyness and excitement, March really flew by fast. Now that we are back in our little village of Vestlax, it is lovely to see that spring is really here to stay. The nature is starting to look greener and our tulips are already emerging from the ground.



Since it seems that we will enjoy a long and beautiful Spring, this really the best time for fishermen to come for a visit to the cottages; much of our weekends in May have already filled up!


Its exciting to think of all of the fun spring projects we have planned now that the sun is out and energizing us all again. On our to-do list for the season we have gardening, hopefully getting our hands on some ducks, and of course preparing and seeding the fields for the start of our farming season.
To speak a bit more about our wedding, it was beautiful. We were surprisingly calm and had the chance to really enjoy our time spent with close friends and family. In Kimitoön, we celebrated our wedding at Westers and were lucky enough to have the talented Karin Lindroos behind the camera capturing every moment of the day*.




It was a lovely day and now a lovely start to spring!


*All of the pictures in this post were taken by Karin Lindroos, you can find more of her work here.

Working in Marielund


Kasper and I are spending today in Marielund. We were here on Wednesday as well and will likely spend a few more days here next week. Kasper is working in the forest with the chainsaw cutting up wind-fallen trees from a winter storm.




While he spends the day outside, I have been inside preparing the cottages for a group of special guests we will be hosting in a couple of weeks. Every few hours Kasper comes in for some coffee or lunch and we catch up on stories we have encountered or thoughts which have passed through our heads while doing our work. On Wednesday Kasper described how relaxing it is to cut through the fallen trees, a job that requires so much focus that the mind does not have the chance to drift onto any other thought or concern besides the task that is at hand. This morning while doing the same task he described his work less positively, focusing instead on his frustration and how slowly he feels his work is progressing. Keeping in mind what he had described earlier in the week I quietly smiled to myself at how funny the human condition is that we can have such different experiences while doing the same task depending on the day and our mood.


The weather today is warm, grey and humid which gives the feeling that we are in those moments right before it will start to rain. The nature is quiet and inviting for a peaceful afternoon walk through the forest.


Soon we will have lunch.

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